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This play was written for Emily's Kindergarten class.

The cast can be adjusted for different numbers of students, but basically these are the parts: Ant-1, Ant-2, Ant-3, Ant-4, Ant-5, Ant Chorus, Sleeping Sloth, Poison Dart Frog, Monkey-1, Monkey-2, Monkey-3, Monkey-4, Monkey-5, Geckos, Jaguars, Tarantulas, Toucans, Butterfliy, Capybara,


SETTING: Somewhere deep in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Enter Ants.

#1 ANT: To start with, I\'m an ant.

ANT CHORUS: And we\'re ants too!

#2 ANT: Fire ants!

#3 ANT: We live in the rain forest

#4 ANT: And we\'re here to tell you a story.

ANT CHORUS: The story of Sleeping Sloth.


#1 ANT: Once upon a time there was a three-toed sloth who was very very tired.


#1 ANT: Because every time she tried to go to sleep, the ants…

ANT CHORUS: That\'s us!

#1 ANT: … would crawl into her fur and make her itch.

ANTS bother SLOTH.

#1 ANT: One day Sloth was talking to her friend the magical Poison Dart Frog.


POISON DART FROG: You look tired Sloth. And not at your best.
You look like you haven\'t been getting much rest.

SLOTH: Rest! I\'m so tired I don\'t know what to do.
I\'m awake all day, and the whole night through.
When I try to sleep and close my eyes tight,
The ants…

ANT CHORUS: That\'s us!

SLOTH: … Crawl into my fur where they scratch and they bite.
And now look at me, I\'m so weary and worn.
Why, I haven\'t slept since the day I was born!

POISON DART FROG: That\'s because you live on the ground.
If you slept in the trees you\'d sleep nice and sound.
You could climb on a branch, you could hang upside down.
When the ants…

ANT CHORUS: That\'s us!

When the ants came looking, you\'d never be found.

SLOTH: Could I hang upside down and not fall on my nose?

POISON DART FROG: If you\'re tired enough you could hang by your toes.
You could hang by your toes way up in a tree.
You could hang by your toes, though you only have three.

#1 ANT: So she hung by her toes from a branch in the trees,
And the Frog cast a spell to put her at ease.

SLOTH gets on the table. POISON DART FROG helps her grab the branch.

ANT CHORUS: Without us around she went right to sleep.

#4 ANT: She slept real tight.

#5 ANT: She slept real deep.

ANT CHORUS: How long she slept, nobody can say.
It was many a night and many a day.

# 2 ANT: She slept like a baby up in the tree top.

# 3 ANT: She slept till the rain turned her fur into glop.

# 4 ANT: But she wouldn\'t wake up to wash herself clean.

# 5 ANT: So things grew in her fur and turned it all green.

# 1 ANT: There were vines in her ears and moss on her chin -


#1 MONKEY: And this is where the monkeys come in.

MONKEY CHORUS: We\'re the monkeys!

#2 MONKEY: Spider Monkeys!

MONKEY CHORUS: We live in the rain forest too.

#3 MONKEY: And we know every creature and plant that we see.

#4 MONKEY: But what\'s that thing hanging up there in the tree?

#5 MONKEY: It\'s a moth!

#1 MONKEY: It\'s a cloth!

#2 MONKEY: It\'s a soggy green sloth!

#3 MONKEY: Hey Sloth, wanna play!

The MONKEYS start tossing a ball around.

#2 MONKEY: Come on, waddya say!

#1 ANT: But Sloth didn\'t stir or utter a peep.

#4 MONKEY: Hey Sloth! What\'s the matter? Did you fall asleep?

#5 MONKEY: Then let\'s wake her up, we\'ll make it a game.

#1 MONKEY: That\'s what monkeys do. It\'s part of our fame.

MONKEYS #4 and #5 try to make SLOTH stand up. SLOTH falls over, still holding onto the branch.

ANT #1: But nothing they did could rouse her from bed.

#3 MONKEY: Let\'s get the Geckos, they\'d wake up the dead!


GECKOS: (shouting) Gecko! Gecko! Gecko!

#1 ANT: But that didn\'t work.


#4 MONKEY: Then send for the Jaguars, they\'ll scare her awake,
With a roar so loud it will make the tree shake.

Enter JAGUARS. They roar and show their claws.

#1 ANT: But that didn\'t work.


#5 MONKEY: Tarantulas! Yes! They\'ll do the trick,
They\'ll tickle her hide and wake her up quick.

Enter TARANTULAS. They tickle SLOTH.

#1 ANT: But that didn\'t work.


#1 MONKEY: The Talking Toucans! Bring them along.
They\'ll wake up that Sloth with they\'re bright cheery song.

Enter TOUCANS. They sing their cheery song to the tune of \"On Wisconsin.\"

TOUCANS: Waaa-ke up, Wake up!
Waaa-ke up, Wake up!
Wake up Sleeping Sloth!

#1 ANT: And that didn\'t work either.

The BUTTERFLY enters and stands by the table.

#2 MONKEY: But look! There\'s a Butterfly here for our game.

BUTTERFLY: The Monarch Butterfly! that\'s my full name.
Monarch means King, and that\'s a big deal,
So all of you animals, get down and kneel!

All of the MONKEYS bow to the King. The BUTTERFLY looks at SLOTH.

BUTTERFLY: What\'s with Sleeping Beauty here, she should kneel too.

#3 MONKEY: Then you\'ll have to find some way to make her come to.

#4 MONKEY: We can\'t wake her up, she just sleeps like a log.

BUTTERFLY: It must be a spell from the Poison Dart Frog.
A magical spell. But that\'s easy to fix.
I\'ll just wake her up with my magical kiss!

BUTTERFLY flaps his wings over SLOTH. She wakes up.

SLOTH: Hey! Who woke me up and ruined my dream?

#1 MONKEY: You were kissed by the King, and so now you\'re the Queen.

#1 ANT: But the King saw the stuff that grew in her hair,
And he said:

BUTTERFLY: Wait a minute, I\'m not sure that\'s fair.
I don\'t think my Queen should be soggy and green.
She needs to have wings and a bright golden sheen.

SLOTH: And who wants to fly around in the leaves,
When it\'s more fun to dream and to sway in the breeze.

#1 ANT: And so the Butterfly flew back up into the canopy, and Sloth went back to sleep, and the monkeys went back to playing. And everybody was happy. Except the Ants…

ANT CHORUS: That\'s us!

#1 ANT: Because we didn\'t didn\'t have any nice fur to crawl into.

ANT CHORUS: Until we found the Capybara.


#1 ANT: But that\'s another story.


©Rick Fine