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For Emily's kindergarten class. The study theme was Australia.

CAST: First Tourist, Second Tourist, Third Tourist, Fourth Tourist, Fifth Tourist, Sixth Tourist, First Man, Woman With Purse, Postman, Hiker, Suitcase Woman, Kangaroo, First Marsupial, Second Marsupial, Koala, Bandicoot, Possum, Numbat, Wallaby.

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The tourists come on stage. They are all carrying cameras, and they are dressed in tourist shorts and tourist shirts.

FIRST TOURIST: We\'re the nature tourists, and we tour the whole world \'round.

SECOND TOURIST: To see the birds and see the beasts wherever they are found.

THIRD TOURIST: We saw an ape in Borneo, a yak in Katmandu.

FOURTH TOURIST: And now we\'re in Australia to see a kangaroo.

FIFTH TOURIST: And though we\'ve never met one, we\'re told that they\'re about.

The FIRST MAN comes on stage.

SIXTH TOURIST: And maybe this is one right here? Let\'s ask, and we\'ll find out.

FIRST TOURIST: Good morning, are you a kangaroo?

FIRST MAN: No, I\'m not a kangaroo.
I\'m a person, just like you.
I have no pouch, as you can see,
Don\'t make a kangaroo of me.

Enter a woman carrying a large purse.

SECOND TOURIST: If a pouch is what we need to see,
Then there\'s a pouch, you must agree.

THIRD TOURIST: Excuse me, are you a kangaroo?

WOMAN WITH PURSE: A kangaroo! Why, not at all.
As you can see, my feet are small.
And kangaroos all hop with ease
on feet the size of water skis.

Enter a postman with big feet and a mail sack.

FOURTH TOURIST: A pouch, and two enormous feet?
Then there\'s the one we need to meet.

FIRST TOURIST: Hello, are you a kangaroo?

POSTMAN: A kangaroo, now listen here,
Do I have great big fuzzy ears!
And don\'t you know that as a rule,
Roos have ears like a big old mule?

Enter a man in hiking boots, with a knapsack and a wide brimmed hat pulled down low with the sides turned up like ears.

SECOND TOURIST: A pouch, big feet, and two big ears?
It looks like one is coming near.

THIRD TOURIST: Pardon me, are you a kangaroo?

HIKER: Of course I\'m not a kangaroo,
Certainly no more than you.
A kangaroo, without fail,
Will always have a great long tail.

Enter a woman with a large handbag, some kind of boots, a big floppy hat, and a suitcase she is pulling behind her like a tail.

FOURTH TOURIST: A pouch, big feet, long ears, and a tail.
Well, now I\'m sure we\'re on the trail.

FIRST TOURIST: Greetings, are you a kangaroo?

SUITCASE WOMAN: Good heavens, how can this be true?
You think that I\'m a kangaroo!
What ever made that thought occur?
Do I look like I\'m covered with fur?

SECOND TOURIST: A pouch, big feet, long ears, a tail, and fur?
Of all the things that ever were,
This one sounds so strange, I feel
That maybe it\'s not even real.

THIRD TOURIST: I think you\'re right, it\'s just a myth.
Like a flying horse or Will-o'-the-wisp.

FOURTH TOURIST: Well, I guess it\'s settled then,
But at least we won\'t be fooled again.

Enter Marsupials.

KANGAROO: G\'day there friends, a fine one, too.
And have you seen a kangaroo?

FIRST TOURIST: A Kangaroo? Well, someone made a fool of you.
There\'s no such thing as a kangaroo.

FIRST MARSUPIAL: Oh, that better not be true.
What would it mean to her brother Lou?

SECOND MARSUPIAL: We\'re here to meet her brother Lou,
On his lunch break from the zoo.

SECOND TOURIST: And what does he do when he works at the zoo?

ALL THE MARSUPIALS: He\'s the kangaroo!


THIRD TOURIST: But if your brother Lou, who works at the zoo,
Is actually a kangaroo - wouldn\'t that mean that you\'re one, too?

The kangaroo points to her, pouch, big feet, long ears, etc. As she does, the tourists recite the words.

ALL THE TOURISTS: Pouch…, big feet…, long ears…, a tail…, and fur.

Then they all take her picture.

THIRD TOURIST: And so now it\'s finally true,
We\'ve really met a kangaroo.

FOURTH TOURIST: But all you others,
What are you?

The marsupials all sound off.

KOALA: I\'m a Koala, as you can see,
And I live in a eucalyptus tree.

WOMBAT: I\'m a wombat, and when I\'m not around,
I\'m down in my burrow under the ground.

BANDICOOT: I\'m a Long-nosed Bandicoot!
I root for food with my pointy snoot.

POSSUM: I\'m a Common Bushtail Possum!
My furry tail is totally awesome.

NUMBAT: I\'m a Numbat, with stripes on my pants.
I live in a log, and eat termites and ants.

WALLABY: There are so many kinds of Wallaby,
I\'m really not sure just which one is me.

SEVERAL TOGETHER: But we\'re all Marsupials, so come on along,
And give us a hand in singing our song.

Everyone forms up to sing.


We live in the bushes, we live in the trees,
The rocks, the deserts, the swamps by the sea.
Some hop about on giant big feet,
While others are graceful, small and petite.
Some are relaxed and some are high strung,
But we all have pouches to carry our young.
We\'re big and we\'re small, and we\'re all proud and we\'re strong.
We\'re the Marsupials, this is our song.

It\'s millions of years since we first appeared,
That\'s a very long time, but still we are here.
And though we\'re uncommon in most other lands,
This is the place we have taken our stand.
Across the whole continent, wild and free,
We all are a part of one great family,
From Darwin to Sydney, from Brisbane to Perth.
And God bless Australia, the land of our birth.


click here to download the musical score for the Marsupial Song

© Rick Fine