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For Emily's first grade class. The study theme was Ancient Egypt.

CAST: First Mummy, Secretary Mummy, Priestess Mummy, Badru (a boy mummy), Khepri (a girl mummy)

Because the number of players is adjustable all other Mummies are indicated as _______MUMMY, when the dash is preceded by an asterisk (*) it means that the line is continued from the preceding.

Click here to access the musical score for the Mummy Song.


SCENE: Some museum somewhere, the Hall Of Mummies. Fourteen MUMMIES are standing against a backdrop. A sign above them reads Hall of Mummies.

The LIGHTS DIM indicating that the museum is closing. A CHIME rings off stage.
The MUMMIES all step forward, arms stiff in front of them. They come together at center stage and sit in a semi-circle facing the audience.

FIRST MUMMY: [takes off one of his hands and uses it as a gavel] Order! Order! I hereby proclaim the one-hundred, twenty thousand and eighteenth meeting of the Mystic Order of Mummies in session!

OTHER MUMMIES: Hear! hear!

FIRST MUMMY: Now, to begin, will the Recording Secretary please read the minutes from last night\'s meeting.

SECRETARY MUMMY: [taking out a notebook and reading from it.] Ah, let\'s see, yes, here, ah: Same old, same old, blaa, blaa, blaa.

FIRST MUMMY: Thank you. Now, is there any old business?

[General laughter]

I know, I know, thousands of years worth. As usual we\'ll skip over that for now. What about new business?

*________ MUMMY: I have something.

FIRST MUMMY: Good. Let\'s hear it.

*________ MUMMY: Well, some of us have been feeling a little down lately.

_________ MUMMY: We don\'t do anything but stand around. Haven\'t for as long as I can remember, and that\'s…

FIRST MUMMY: I know, thousands of years.

_________ MUMMY: That\'s right, thousands of years.

_________ MUMMY: We don\'t even know what\'s happened in all that time.

_________ MUMMY: We don\'t get newspapers.

_________ MUMMY: We don\'t watch television.

_________ MUMMY: We don\'t even have a radio.

_________ MUMMY: And I\'m sure you\'ve all noticed the way people act when they come in and see us. Scared to death. Like we\'re some kind of monsters from beyond.

_________ MUMMY: You don\'t suppose that\'s because we\'re Mummies. [he raises his arms] Wooooooo. See, we\'re scary.

_________ MUMMY: You\'re trying to be scary, we don\'t do that when people are around. Besides, it isn\'t that scary.

_________ MUMMY: There\'s stories. Scary mummy stories.

_________ MUMMY: But none of those are true.

*________ MUMMY: Doesn\'t matter if they\'re true, people believe them. It\'s The Curse.

_________ MUMMY: What curse?

*________ MUMMY: The Curse Of the Mummies - that people will believe anything they hear about us. It\'s been that way for…

FIRST MUMMY: Wait, don\'t tell me. Is it thousands of years?

*________ MUMMY: Right, thousands of years.

_________ MUMMY: Well, it\'s not fair. We all used to be nice people, with interesting lives. I don\'t see why we\'d want to scare anybody now.

_________ MUMMY: We don\'t. I mean, look, I used to be a gardener at the Pharaoh\'s palace. All I ever wanted to do was grow flowers to make people happy. Why would I want to scare anybody?

_________ MUMMY: That\'s a good point. You know, I was a painter. I decorated walls and monuments and statues, making them beautiful with bright colors and nice designs.

_________ MUMMY: And I was a sculptor. I carved the monuments and statues that you painted so nicely. We all got along so well, remember? Nothing scary about that.

_________ MUMMY: And me, I was an architect. I designed homes and temples and palaces. People admired my work, and that made me feel good. I don\'t think they would have liked it if I scared them.

SECRETARY MUMMY: I was a scribe. I wrote down histories and stories about gods and heros. And maybe there were some scary bits here and there, but they were meant to inspire people, not frighten them.

PRIESTESS MUMMY: I was a priestess, and people came to me because they knew I cared about them and would do everything I could to help them. I wanted them to feel good, not afraid.

_________ MUMMY: Well, as you all know, I was one of the Pharaoh\'s overseers. And if I ever had to scare anybody it was for their own good, but I never scared anybody just for the sake of of scaring them. That wouldn\'t have been right.

_________ MUMMY: Exactly, but that just what we\'re doing now. We\'re scaring people for no reason at all.

_________ MUMMY: There\'s The Curse Of the Mummies. That\'s a reason. I don\'t see how we can change something that\'s been going on for…

OTHER MUMMIES: Thousands of years?

*________ MUMMY: Well, so maybe we are a little scary. I can understand that. We don\'t exactly look our best, all tattered and moldy. The thing is, we don\'t do anything except scare people. Can\'t we do something else?

_________ MUMMY: Like what?

*________ MUMMY: Oh, I don\'t know. I guess I want it to be like the old days, when so much was going on and we were always busy with one thing and another.

FIRST MUMMY: Be patient, I know we\'ve been waiting been a long time…

OTHER MUMMIES: Thousands of years.

FIRST MUMMY: Right, but you have to remember, being a Mummy is forever, and someday when the Pharaoh needs us he\'ll call us all back. You\'ll see.

OTHER MUMMIES: But we\'re tired of waiting. We\'re tired of scaring people. And we\'re tired of not having anything to do.

FIRST MUMMY: All right, all right, but complaining won\'t do any good. Now, what is it we do when we\'re feeling down?

_________ MUMMY: We sing the Mummy Song.


_________ MUMMY: Because it reminds us who we are, where we\'re from, and good times to come.

FIRST MUMMY: What else?

_________ MUMMY: It makes us feel good about ourselves. It makes us proud.

FIRST MUMMY: Is that all?

_________ MUMMY: No. We like to sing the Mummy song. I know I do.

_________ MUMMY: So do I. Sometimes it makes me feel like I\'m back home. I can see the palaces and temples, and hear the people around me.

FIRST MUMMY: Good! Now let\'s all get in place.

The Mummies stand up and begin moving to the back of the stage to form a chorus.

One of the Mummies stops and looks out above the audience.

_________ MUMMY: There! Just thinking about it I can see! Look! It\'s the great Temple of Karnak glowing in the sunlight. Do you see?

Another Mummy turns and looks.

_________ MUMMY: Yes, it\'s so beautiful. And look at the boats on the river, and all the people. It must be a festival.

_________ MUMMY: And there! do you see? Hundreds, no thousands of Mummies. They\'re all coming down along the river. Coming back from all over the world. What a happy, glorious day!


Mummies !
How we love it, how we love it
That we\'re all Mummies
Someday we hope to be
Back with the folks in
E - G - Y - P - T That\'s where our Pharaoh\'s
Waiting at the riverside to
Greet his old Mummies
The crocodiles will wave and they\'ll smile
As we come marching down the Nile.


Two of the Mummies [BADRU, a boy and KHEPRI, a girl] step out of the chorus to center stage. Perhaps they dance.

BADRU: Hey, Khepri, Do you know why Mummies never go on vacation?

KHEPRI: No, Badru, why is that?

BADRU: Because they\'re afraid they\'ll relax and unwind.

KHEPRI: That\'s a good one, Badru. Now, do you know who gave the Pharaoh his baths when he was little?

BADRU: Hemmm, would that have been his … Mummy?

KHEPRI: That\'s right!


While the mummy chorus sings, Badru and Khepri do a dance by striking silhouette poses characteristic of ancient Egyptian wall paintings.

CHOURS: Mummies, Mummies,
We are the Egyptian mummies.
Mummies, Mummies,
Remember the old days back home.

Click here to access the musical score for the Mummy Song.

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