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Owl Dreams of His Dinner

From the National Audubon Society: Barred Owl Average Height: 16-24 inches Average Weight: 1 1/2-2 pounds Wingspan: 3-4 feet Call: The most common sound of the Barred Owl is “hoo HOO hoo hoo, hoo HOO hoo hooaaahhhhh.” This is often interpreted as: Who-cooks-for-you– who-cooks-for-you-all? Diet: The diet of Barred Owls consists mostly of mice… OWL…

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Birdsill’s Dreadful Poem

This verse narrative is from a novel that deals, in part, with the California Gold Rush. The character, Birdsill, is a frontier aesthete who fancies himself somewhat of a poet. … from back in the saloon he could hear Birdsill reciting a dreadful poem. BIRDSILL’S DREADFUL POEM In the days of the rush when the…

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